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One Dollar Words

I recently read something cool things to do with words, like calculating words that are a ‘worth’ a dollar.

Substitute the letters for numbers (a = 1, b = 2, c = 3… and so on) and then add the numbers up.

If they add up to exactly 100 (cents), it becomes a 1 dollar word.
So with any word, for example the word  explodes.

e = 5
x = 24
p = 16
l = 12
o = 15
d = 4
e = 5
s = 19

5+24+16+12+15+4+5+19 = 100 !!!!!


So I created a little program that takes a txt file with one word per line and finds if it is a one dollar word.

Here are all the one dollar words in a random dictionary I found: View

This is a .zip file that contains my small program to find the One Dollar Words (Download Invalid)


What you can also do is find one dollar phrases (spaces = 0)!!!!!

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