DI was a really fun competition for me to join.
It was very interesting.

I quick intro:
What is DI? DI is all about creativity. It usually involves an 8 minute skit with different criteria. This is where most of your points from from. There is another part which is called the instant challenge. This is where you have a 8 minutes to be creative and make a skit or building.

There are many types of challenges, so there are a lot of winners. This year, I did the ‘going to extremes challenge’. It involves thinking of an extreme environment and making a tool that would help humans adapt to the environment.


At first I thought that D.I. was only going to be a half-day event and I prepared myself only for one half of the day. But soon I realized that while you only spend 16 minutes actually performing, there are so many teams that the actual awards ceremony doesn’t happen until 7 PM. So I literally spent from 7 AM when I gave my performance, to the award ceremony.  So our team spent most of that afternoon meandering around.

I think the DI is really good for people who are really shy, and don’t like acting. While my friends who did DI say that shy people should have small number of parts so they don’t make mistakes, I think that people who are shy should have more lines so they can become a better performer. That is what I believe all these extracurriculars are supposed to be for you, not supposed to give you first place or go to the national competition. After you graduate it doesn’t matter how many medals you got. It is about experience. Though it is nice.

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