Spring Break

The great break finally happened. I was so happy. I could finally relax, without the stress of school and GPA all that stupid stuff school has to offer.

But without the ordering strict schedule of school, it was a pretty hectic ride.

usually during the school day, things prompted me to do certain stuff. Like the act of putting stuff in my backpack reminds me to brush my teeth. And the constant stream of homework prevents me from becoming off task and unproductive.

So when spring break finally came, there was nothing for me to do. I was in a mindset of extreme ‘boredom’. Granted, this break let me loosen up and play some games, but for most of the day, I felt like doing nothing, which is really weird, because I usually have to occupy myself or else I get extremely agitated. The days were just a blur, I don’t even know what I spent most of my day doing, most likely daydreaming. This type of mood also happens on Saturday afternoons, when I finally have a break from all the stress I got from that week.

But the nice thing was the spring break I was able to catch up with my friends and another school. I got a rest from showing, and and slept later (finally!! Because usually I have to wake up early for school).


The sad thing is that school started again and the no school days are going to be limited because of the snow days that we racked up last few months. So I’m looking forward toward the end of the year, when I can finally have three months rest!

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