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Wake Up

Bam! A loud sound startles you, jolting you immediately into consciousness. You feel the hard wood desk pressing against your face. Slowly lifting your head, you open your eyes to the bright light of day and the situation falls into place. Your eyes meet with the teacher’s, and you quickly look down, averting his gaze. The silence that you had enjoyed in your doze has been broken. The hum of the AC returns to your ears and all around you, you hear muffled laughter, as your classmates attempt (unsuccessfully) to hold back their laughter. It didn’t feel like a long time, right? Wrong. The clock on the wall told the time all to well. “Rarrrr!” the teacher shouted, slamming the desk in front of you again for good measure. “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” The spotlight is on you. You feel your cheeks blushing as 30 pairs of eyes focus on you as you try to find words to help your cause. Your mouth opens, but nothing comes to mind, closing without a whisper as the situation spirals out of control. With your heart pounding, you await your trial. Hopefully he won’t make a deal out of it. Nope. You can feel something coming, something big. Consciously, you note to yourself never to do this again, ever, again.

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