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It’s funny it’s summer again

Every year passes more and more quickly. Looking back, I was surprised that summer has come so quickly, and in a blink of an eye, a month of summer vacation has already passed.

It is not surprising that the older you get, the more quickly you feel time pass. However, I don’t believe the argument that it is because of the “percentage” of life. That argument states that as you get older, ONE year becomes a smaller and smaller portion of your entire life, and thus it feels “less” than a year in the past due to the relative proportion of your experienced life.

Here is a beautiful illustration

Although it does make logical sense, it still doesn’t really explain why some months feel longer than others and some fly by super quickly. The beginning of junior year for me felt pretty slow, however, after the first 9 weeks, everything sped up, and the second semester is just a blur of colors.

Instead, I like to view the quickness of time on how much interesting and novel things we do. A day will always feel like a day, and a year will always feel like a year. But when you look back on that day or year, if you don’t remember anything, it makes it seem short. As we grow older, things that once amazed us become trivial and boring, and we stop remembering them as much and it makes time feel fast.

I felt like this year was pretty repetitive and boring. My schedule was simple and didn’t change much, and I didn’t go on any vacations. Especially now that school is not in my schedule anymore, I spend more and more time on my computer. Same place. Sitting there. Doing… I don’t really remember much now :) —> It is sometimes fun to just go look at my search history and see what I spent all those hours…. doing.

Time flies. too quickly.

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