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Swimming Olympic Trials — Changing Faces

I read this article

Already this week, he has watched several old Olympic comrades struggle in signature events.

This years swimming Olympic trials in Omaha was pretty surprising. Other than Michael Phelps, the older swimmers from the 2012 Olympics haven’t been doing so hot (although they are still really fast!).

There are younger and younger swimmers now that are faster and faster. I think that this shows that swimming is progressing quite nicely, as swimmers are being trained with different techniques and styles. More people are starting swimming and earlier too.

I’ve noticed in my swim club as well. I was able to beat many of the records that my older teammates had when they were my age. Now, I see the same thing, as younger swimmers have faster times than me when I was their age. It’s a bittersweet moment. But it’s truly impressive how much faster we are getting as a whole.
But it also shows that 4 years is a long time and many things will change; countries will fall and power will shift as a saying goes. An opportunity is an opportunity and a missed one is one that can never be reclaimed.

But it allows the competition to be fresh and not be overcrowded with old timers, young people need their fame too!

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