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Adjusting to the weather and snow days at MIT (13 of 30)

I’m from Texas. It doesn’t snow there. At least until I left for college. So I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Boston, would I be able to adjust to the weather?

I remember in elementary school when we had our first snowfall in forever. We were in math class when we first saw the white fluff fall from the sky. Everyone immediately sprinted outside to witness the event. The snow didn’t even stick. But it was still a wonderful time.

Fact: It does snow in Boston. It also is cold. So be prepared for it.

No AC?

Most buildings in Boston do not have AC, which means that nights can get quite uncomfortable when it gets hot. Who knew that the north didn’t have to worry about 100-degree weather? It might seem nice to be in a cool climate all year long, but heatwaves are actually unbearable, unlike the south.

When I first arrived on campus, the temperature hovered around 80 degrees at night. However, it would occasionally be hotter and make me sweat a lot at night. I was so used to a temperature-controlled sleeping environment that it took a while to adjust to the unpredictability of the weather. My sophomore year roommate had an AC unit from the summer, and it was a lifesaver during this period. Maybe I should’ve just been in a dorm with AC.

However, the hot weather only lasts for a few weeks in the fall and then drops down to the 60s/70s for the next two months. These are my favorite months for weather. It’s sunny and perfect for weekend trips and afternoon walks. It doesn’t matter if you wear a jacket or not; it feels comfortable regardless. 

And then it gets cold

Luckily Boston allowed me to adjust to the cold weather. The temperature steadily dropped as sunsets became earlier. Every time I visited home, I brought more clothes back to campus and gradually amassed a collection of winter gear. Everyone I talked to recommended layers; instead of wearing one heavy jacket, putting on two allows you to control how warm you want to be. I soon found out why. I’d be freezing outside with one jacket, but also cold inside but not cold enough to keep that jacket on. I eventually favored wearing one light jacket inside one down jacket to keep the cold away when I crossed the mass ave bridge and took off the down jacket when I went inside. 

The weather during this time is rather depressing. There are a lot of cloudy days (although no rain!). I bought lamps to brighten up my room and keep my mood from suffering because the sun sets super early. I’d finish classes and go to the early swim practice, only to come back outside in pitch black at like 5 PM. It makes it easier to take nighttime walks, though!

Really cold snow storms

When I came back in January freshman year, I wasn’t expecting a snowstorm, but I got one two days in. Swim practice got canceled that day which was great, and everyone just went outside to explore. I walked around the fields and just sat in the baseball dugout and watched the snow pile up.

It honestly isn’t bad when it snows until it melts and becomes wet and disgusting. I had to wear snow boots to class and also an oversized ski jacket during this time. Thus, I tried to stay indoors and spent a lot of time hanging out with my floor. Luckily, it hasn’t snowed that many times since I got there, and when it does, it’s a great break from all the work I have to do.

Springtime and clubs

Once spring rolls around, people are back outside. Expect sunny weather with the occasional rain shower. This weather makes the end of the school year fun and relaxing, although your plans tend to get messed up a lot when it suddenly decides to rain for a couple of days. It is also the time of the year that clubs buy swag for their members. I have gotten so many jackets over the years. And somehow, they are always black.

Adjusting to the weather

It honestly wasn’t that hard adjusting to the weather. Asking around for advice on what to bring and being prepared with winter gear helped me survive the cold snowstorms of the north. In many ways, I enjoy this weather more than the hot, dry climate in Texas. But snowstorms still throw me off. 

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