Would you rather: be able to turn invisible or see in a different visual perspective?

Would you rather: be able to turn invisible at will or be able to look in any perspective as if your eyes were anywhere in a 10-meter radius?

Let’s lay some ground rules first.

For invisibility: You can turn any option you touch — as long as that object is contiguous (whatever your definition of that is) and within 10 meters of you invisible (you have to be invisible during this time as well). You can still see and hear while invisible and other people can still hear and touch you.

For the perspective: You can still see normally on top of the additional perspective.

I want to be invisible!

I’ve asked this to many people, and usually, they quickly come up with a response. They usually want to become invisible. It seems like an obvious choice, so not many people will ask follow-up questions about what the powers entail. I wonder if it’s because of their childhood that affects their response. 

Pros and cons

Of course, there are many assumptions about these two abilities, and I’ve noticed some come up with random constraints that affect their overall decision. Here are some that I’ve thought of or heard. I’ve also included some counter-arguments and thoughts to each of them.

For invisibility:

  • I can steal or sneak around anywhere.
    • It would be hard to steal, given many places’ extensive physical security measures.
    • Also, people can find out pretty easily about your ability if caught. I’m thinking Gringotts trapped.
    • Could listen in on private conversations
  • It’s good to have some me-time
    • Probably because they live in the city or they have roommates. It’s so hard to find a quiet place in the city.
    • I don’t see any downsides to this.
  • Scare people.
    • Halloween would be very fun.
  • Become a Youtuber
    • Why bother with special effects when you already have them in real life?
    • Becoming a magician assistant would also be nice.

For perspective:

  • I can cheat on exams (by ‘looking’ from another test taker’s perspective) or cheat in poker.
    • Useless after college? (I don’t believe this counter-argument) Casinos would hate you.
    • Not ask ‘cool’ as invisibility.
  • Finding people in crowds would be a lot easier.
    • Well, maybe if you knew the color of their shirt. Anyone who has played where’s Waldo can attest to the difficulty of that.
    • Or if you want the experience of ‘flying.’
  • For all the times when you didn’t know what was on the other side of a locked door
    • How would you do that if you were only invisible? Follow someone in?