What to do in Austin, Texas?

I love going back home to Austin. It’s a fantastic city with many things to do. Although I spend most of my time with family, I occasionally have the opportunity to go to my favorite nostalgic places. If you told me you were visiting Austin right now, here are my

From photos to video diaries: how I remember the past

One challenging question I’ve always had was how to remember the past. I know that my memory isn’t the best, and when my friends and I reminisce about the good ol’ days, our accounts begin to differ. Who knows what another few years will make of our memories? We include

Thoughts after moving to New York

As I’ve finally settled into New York, I wanted to talk about the good and the bad of moving to New York. A half of a year has gone by in a blink of an eye. It was only a year ago that I thought summer internships were short… Full-time


School Swim Team Bonding…

Our school coach really wanted our team to be closely bonded, but its a far from becoming reality. As a club swimmer,  in order to do well, I have to work hard every single day for a long period of time. It is a big commitment, and literally is my


Off Season for Swimming

As a year-long swimmer, there’s really no breaks. Every single day there is a grueling practice. Compared to other sports, swimming requires the most commitment. If you take a break from swimming, even just one week, you lose the feel the water,  and it takes like one week to get



DI was a really fun competition for me to join. It was very interesting. I quick intro: What is DI? DI is all about creativity. It usually involves an 8 minute skit with different criteria. This is where most of your points from from. There is another part which is


My Answer to the Wine Problem

If you haven’t tried the problem, I suggest you try it first!   You are a day away from your grand opening of an restaurant. There are 1000 bottles of wine, one of which contains poison, which kills the drunkee (technical term) the very next day. You have 10 lab rats


The Wine Problem

You are a day away from your grand opening of an restaurant. There are 1000 bottles of wine, one of which contains poison, which kills the drunkee (technical term) the very next day. You have 10 lab rats that you can test as many wines on them as possible. How


The Daydream

A short story about day dreaming… Zarchary Livingston had 20 more minutes of school. The clock ticked onward at a slow agonizing pace. The school spirit lurked beside him, draining his power to think, to finish the 1200 seconds he had left. “Now class, we’ll be learning about DNA. Look


Why I love Algebra

Algebra is awesome. Pure awesomeness, it makes everyday things so much easier and I love it! But it has some flaws (which get fixed in Calculus), dealing with infinite series and zero.   But these do allow us to make some funny equations. Classic: 1 = 2 But (hopefully) everyone

Events, Programming, Python

Google Directory API

Google’s Admin SDK developer webpages are very confusing… Google Groups API & Directory API Requirements: Apparently to use any API, you must be using google apps for Business, Education, or Non-Profit. There must also be a valid domain name under that account. Having a group ending with “@googlegroups.com” will give you


Halloween: The World Reborn

A very gruesome story of Halloween. Very bloody….. Sometimes evil wins (that’s the sad part).   Prologue: While still in biology, dozing away, dreaming of video games, Ralph decided he needed to leave the classroom for the restroom. When he was authorized permission by the teacher, he strolled into the

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