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Future City Model Tips

Ah… Future City…. and the annoying, frustrating model.   The model is my least favorite thing to do because of the time required to build the model. Sure, the virtual city usually takes upwards to 50 hours (and then add all the redos) but at least it’s individual. The model


Sim City 4 Tips

Having to do the a Sim City for Future City was really time consuming and confusing. There were so many things you had to keep track of, people to please, pollution to reduce, and money to be balanced. It consisted of many trials and errors, and more countless saves, including


Future City 2013

Future City was a real eye opener for me. It was as time consuming as Robotics was for our school, hours of work, but still the joy of having fun. Future City consisted of four parts: The Sim City The Essay The Model The Presentation The Sim City was a