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30 in 30 about MIT (0/30 @ MIT)

Spring break has passed. After finally getting some time for myself I realized I should start writing more. So I’m going to write 30 articles in the 30 days of April about something I know pretty well… MIT. There are many things that I want to rant or remember about

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Being Emotionally There

  Watching the Swimming Olympic Trials made my heart go crazy. It is as if I was there, competing in lane 0. It’s really intense, and it’s one of the few sports where I can empathize with the swimmers before, during and right after their races. During the races, I

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End of Junior Year Thoughts and Tips

Everybody says that junior year is the hardest year. However, I really don’t think it was to the proportion all the upperclassmen blew it up to. (except for the last few months– they were so right) Sure, there were more AP classes to take, and the homework load increased. However,

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It’s funny it’s summer again

Every year passes more and more quickly. Looking back, I was surprised that summer has come so quickly, and in a blink of an eye, a month of summer vacation has already passed. It is not surprising that the older you get, the more quickly you feel time pass. However, I don’t

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The New Year!

It’s New Years again! Well, at least it WAS. Now it has past. And slight regret that I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open for that moment when the clock struck 12 (hey, I had a rough day). But then again, the idea of a New Year is completely


Learn Chinese

As I expressed before in a previous blog post, I do not like how schools teach languages in a structure orderly way, focusing way too much on grammar and writing during the first few years and not enough on the actual importance of a language: speaking. So I’m going to try


Spring Break

The great break finally happened. I was so happy. I could finally relax, without the stress of school and GPA all that stupid stuff school has to offer. But without the ordering strict schedule of school, it was a pretty hectic ride. usually during the school day, things prompted me


Off Season for Swimming

As a year-long swimmer, there’s really no breaks. Every single day there is a grueling practice. Compared to other sports, swimming requires the most commitment. If you take a break from swimming, even just one week, you lose the feel the water,  and it takes like one week to get

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