Metafiction in The Things They Carried

Here’s my take on Tim O’Brien’s book The Things They Carried:   When we look at Tim O’Brien’s book The Things They Carried, we delve into a very deeply thoughtful book about metafiction. However sometimes we need to take a step back from analysis and think as if we were

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They follow us around. Sometimes haunting, other times it stresses. More join everyday, as we plod on through our life, accumulating. Those, the regrets, the burdens of which we created. If not careful, they could consume the entire conscious, destroying the perception of reality. But in most people, it isn’t

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Wake Up

Bam! A loud sound startles you, jolting you immediately into consciousness. You feel the hard wood desk pressing against your face. Slowly lifting your head, you open your eyes to the bright light of day and the situation falls into place. Your eyes meet with the teacher’s, and you quickly


The Daydream

A short story about day dreaming… Zarchary Livingston had 20 more minutes of school. The clock ticked onward at a slow agonizing pace. The school spirit lurked beside him, draining his power to think, to finish the 1200 seconds he had left. “Now class, we’ll be learning about DNA. Look


Halloween: The World Reborn

A very gruesome story of Halloween. Very bloody….. Sometimes evil wins (that’s the sad part).   Prologue: While still in biology, dozing away, dreaming of video games, Ralph decided he needed to leave the classroom for the restroom. When he was authorized permission by the teacher, he strolled into the