iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is awesome, we can all agree that it is definitely better that the previous version (who cares it looks like an Samsung, there is a REASON why they ‘copy,’ because it is ultimately better, and anyway, Samsung copied so much too because the design was just tooo

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One Dollar Words

I recently read something cool things to do with words, like calculating words that are a ‘worth’ a dollar. Substitute the letters for numbers (a = 1, b = 2, c = 3… and so on) and then add the numbers up. If they add up to exactly 100 (cents),

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So that past few days, I’ve got interested in character recognition. After searching, the best open-source program is Tesseract, which scored in the top 3 OCR engines in 1995. On the Tesseract homepage, there are downloads for it, and it comes in many different languages. If the text was clear, the


Sim City 4 Tips

Having to do the a Sim City for Future City was really time consuming and confusing. There were so many things you had to keep track of, people to please, pollution to reduce, and money to be balanced. It consisted of many trials and errors, and more countless saves, including