School Websites Need an Update

I’ve been looking at a lot of school websites recently, and I’ve noticed that many of these institutions don’t bother keeping their online presence up to date. Most of the school websites that I’ve been too aren’t fitted with Responsive CSS (for easy tablet use), nor do they provide an easy-to-understand


vi Sucks (nano is better)

This rant makes a lot more sense for people familiar with text-editors in general (especially in the terminal window). I’m a very graphical computer user. I dislike the black glow of the terminal screen and instead like the warm colors of a UI application. However graphical text-editors can only go

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Monopoly — The Board Game

I remembered a while back I came across Monopoly: Ultimate Banking edition. This was Hasbro’s latest (failed) attempt to digitalize the board game yet still keeping the board. , where property cards and cash are all stored within the electronic device.   I don’t think this should be the way