School Websites Need an Update

I’ve been looking at a lot of school websites recently, and I’ve noticed that many of these institutions don’t bother keeping their online presence up to date.

Most of the school websites that I’ve been too aren’t fitted with Responsive CSS (for easy tablet use), nor do they provide an easy-to-understand navigation throughout the website. Instead they are very tedious to navigate on mobile devices and information is not standardized between schools.

I think the most important factor is to ensure that there is streamlined communication between the school and the families and websites should be the first thing that comes to mind. Parents should have a simple and easy way to learn more about the school district to complement what other parents say to give their children the best opportunities possible for a better education.


I understand that these outdated websites aren’t “necessary” changes, but as society and the classroom transition to the 21st century, it is important that communication also maintains that level of advancement. A lot of schools are implementing 1:1 iPads or laptops, which are very expensive commitments, why not add a few extra thousand dollars to ensure that parents and students can easily find information they need in the digitalized world?

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