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IMswimmer — A new way to view swim times

Check out IMswimmer here! The thing with big non-profit organizations is that they usually split themselves into regional branches that have their own management and way of doing things. This means that there are very few standards that are permeated to all the regions. I’ve noticed this problem with 2

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Swimming Olympic Trials — Changing Faces

I read this article Already this week, he has watched several old Olympic comrades struggle in signature events. This years swimming Olympic trials in Omaha was pretty surprising. Other than Michael Phelps, the older swimmers from the 2012 Olympics haven’t been doing so hot (although they are still really fast!).

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Swimming Starts Matter

You can win a race before you take your first stroke. It’s that simple. The first 15 meters of your race is so important, because even a slight advantage gives you that mental assurance and power to finish. Also it is easy and free speed, with very little physical fatigue.

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Being Emotionally There

  Watching the Swimming Olympic Trials made my heart go crazy. It is as if I was there, competing in lane 0. It’s really intense, and it’s one of the few sports where I can empathize with the swimmers before, during and right after their races. During the races, I

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Tips for the 200 Fly

Swimming butterfly is hard, and uses up a lot of strength to finish, and the 200 is the most brutal (because it’s the longest). Here’s the stuff I learned trying to master the 200 fly: Butterfly is cruel, as you get tired, your technique starts to melt. Your hips start