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Being Emotionally There

  Watching the Swimming Olympic Trials made my heart go crazy. It is as if I was there, competing in lane 0. It’s really intense, and it’s one of the few sports where I can empathize with the swimmers before, during and right after their races. During the races, I


Morning Practice

“SSPZZZP!” The tiny black box came to life, its’ screen illuminated once again. Outside the night still lurked on, enjoying coolness of the wind. A person, barely visible in the darkness, slowly came to life, turning his head toward the ceiling, staring at the big red numbers projected on the

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Tips for the 200 Fly

Swimming butterfly is hard, and uses up a lot of strength to finish, and the 200 is the most brutal (because it’s the longest). Here’s the stuff I learned trying to master the 200 fly: Butterfly is cruel, as you get tired, your technique starts to melt. Your hips start