Halloween: The World Reborn

A very gruesome story of Halloween. Very bloody…..

Sometimes evil wins (that’s the sad part).



While still in biology, dozing away, dreaming of video games, Ralph decided he needed to leave the classroom for the restroom. When he was authorized permission by the teacher, he strolled into the hall, heading for the restroom. It wasn’t a great day. He had 5 tests, 2 projects due, and one if his test was a pop test. He was ready to go home. He walked into the stall, but suddenly became aware of the odd shadow behind him. As he began to head for the door, he couldn’t. He just couldn’t, and realized when he looked down and saw the dreaded noose fitted tightly around his neck. He inched his head over to a dark, shadowy figure, at a particularly close range to him.

“Such a great specimen”, the figure said, almost a whisper.

“Indeed. You will make a great sacrifice”, another figure, cloaked in white. Its aura was cold and harsh.

“Sacrifice?” Ralph questioned, his blood freezing, his heart slowing its pace.

“Don’t worry it w—“. But that was all Ralph heard from the figure as the noose tightened and he felt something sharp penetrate his back, sending Ralph off to unconsciousness.


Alex was in the front ensemble in the Southpond band. There was a marching competition that day, hosted by the high school, after his performance, he decided to stay in the band hall and practice his percussion and record his regional auditions. Everyone else had long since left but he had decided to stay longer so he could have the perfect recording. Suddenly a hand covered his mouth. Alex started struggling but it was futile, and quickly he faded into unconsciousness. Alex awoke and looked around wildly. He was still in the room but he had been gagged with his shirt stuffed into his mouth duct taped over and tied tightly with rope. A man appeared over Alex. The man had a dark, maddening smile. Then, staring into Alex’s eyes, he drew a butchers knife from somewhere from his waistband and slid it across his own arm giving himself a cut. Then with infinite carefulness he put the wet blade right over Alex’s hand. Alex tried to escape from his oncoming doom, but the rope was too tight. The man lifted the hand with the knife and sliced down. Alex felt pain in his hand he looked at it and saw his thumb cut off, and placed into a jar filled with viscous purple goo. He tried to scream but the gag muffled his voice. The man lifted his hand nine more times and the blade fell nine times and soon Alex had lost 9 more fingers. The man then removed the gag from Alex’s mouth and immediately shoved all 10 fingers, soaked purple, down Alex’s throat. “Gurppfg!” screamed Alex, as he started thrashing, but soon he stopped, and silence filled the air once more. The man turned to an unseen presence in the room, and told whatever it was not to touch the body. Then the man laughed and pulled Alex’s heart out and walked out of the band hall licking the blood off of his knife.



The sun shown brightly as the last day of October began, shining lazily against the windows panels of Mrs. Collins’s room. It was a regular school day; nothing made her suspect it would be anything special. Taking her time, Mrs. Collins strolled down the hallway, drinking her daily dose of hot coffee, ready for a new day. Having opened the classroom door, she let out a blood-curdling scream as she spit out the hot coffee all over the clean classroom floor. In the window ahead of her, a dead body, dripping blood, limply hanging outside, stared blankly at her. Next to it, painted in crimson read ink, reading: “Dusk will arise… Today.”


Christopher was just about to exit the practice room (because the school was being evacuated) when the closet suddenly rattled, slowly at first, then more quickly. Intrigued, he walked closer to examine what was inside. Putting his hand on the knob and slowly turn the knob…. “Bang!” The closet suddenly opened and he was flung backward. And out from the darkness came green figures, slowly moving forward, mumbling “Gurppfg!” They were human-like, however their faces barely recognizable, and were stumbling toward Christopher. Christopher tried to run, but just before his muscles started moving something gooey grabbed him as he was pulled back, back into the closet, into darkness.


Detective Jackson was having a normal day: sluggish, boring, and monotonous. A detective’s job was one that didn’t get much attention and didn’t get much action, especially in a neighborhood like the one he worked in. Dozing off in his chair, he was startled by the sudden sharp shrill of his ringing phone in his desk. Slowly, rubbing his eyes, he picked up the phone and in a groggy voice said, “Detective Jackson, how may I help you?” On the other side was a seemingly mad woman, babbling. He could hardly understand her; muttering something about deaths and hanging. He immediately shot up from his chair. “Finally, something to do.” And hastily jumped into his car and drove to Southpond High School.

The air began to feel chilly as soon as he stepped out his car. Police cars and ambulances littered the premises and a dark cloud seemed to be gathering in the horizon. “What a strange coincidence to be on a Halloween,” he mumbled as he stepped under the yellow tape, and toward the crime scene.

“Good morning Mr. Jackson,” a tall, policeman stood to greet the detective. The policeman then immediately ushered Jackson to the scene of crime. Arriving, Jackson felt the policeman shiver in trepidation as he opened the door, and saw the reason after looking inside. The gruesomely hung body outside the window with his blood splattered all over the windowpanes. The body was unusually dry, almost like he either lost all his blood over time, or it was drawn, only the carbon dating could properly tell how long the poor child had been dead. “Well, what do you think?” Jackson just shook his head and stood there, apparently looking at the scene ahead. Suddenly Jackson asked, “Is there anything you need?” as if noticing a discrepancy behind him. Confused, the policeman answered, “Well… I really need to go to the restroom.” They were on the third floor. It was three day, two hours, thirty-two minutes, and forty-seven seconds after the disappearance of young Ralph. Many assumed he had played hoockey. Others thought he vanished. And few thought he was dead.

“Fine,” Jackson said, although one passing by might have seen a faint smile in his frustrated groan, “I might as well use the restroom as well.”

They walked to the restroom. The policeman did his business in the stall next to where Ralph’s body hung in secrecy. As the policeman turned to walk out, he thought he saw a person in white moving along the ceiling. He turned to Jackson and asked timidly “Did you see that?” But when he turned, Jackson was gone. “Hello?!” called the policeman. “Is there anyone the- AUGHAH!” A sharp point stabbed through the policeman’s back, protruding through his stomach. He wanted to scream but he was in unbearable shock. He fell to the ground as set of needles stabbed into his neck, and darkness engulfed his sight.

Jackson emerged from the school brandishing a bloody knife, staggering and quietly whispering a strange incantation of some sort into the open air. The policemen immediately turned, astounded, and drew their guns, and pointed them at the detective, yelling at him to drop the knife and lay down on the ground.

The detective just merrily laughed, and yelled something unrecognizable in air. Immediately, below freezing air billowed in, bringing in a dark cloud coverings the sky. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, bats, millions of bats emerged from the roof of the high school quickly swarming the helpless policemen. Many were carried up and dropped back down to the ground, crippling their legs. Others were slowly bitten and scratched to death. Then the doors burst open, and the zombies came out to scavenge the remainders. One was the as tall as a one story building! The “detective” with a devilish smile laughed demonically and watched as his minions murdered every last policeman.

Closing is eyes, he felt the power of the evilness engulfing the building, as the portal (made by the rotting corpse of the policeman and Ralph) gathered it strength, getting ready to allow all the creatures from Down Under to enter the world. Opening his mouth he screamed: “The world will be reborn!”

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