The Daydream

A short story about day dreaming…

Zarchary Livingston had 20 more minutes of school. The clock ticked onward at a slow agonizing pace. The school spirit lurked beside him, draining his power to think, to finish the 1200 seconds he had left.

“Now class, we’ll be learning about DNA. Look at your worksheet as I read it. What is DNA? Well, it’s short for….”

The words on his page spinned dizzily in circles, as the letters began to battle for their freedom. Synonyms became enemies, and word order disintegrated. But he, Zarchary, was the god of them all, wielding his allmighty sword, ready to turn the tide any moment. He wanted them to continue, but all his conscience disagreed, urging him to continue learning, for his test was tomorrow. The tip of his sword struck the boring 2D universe, sending letters into order and chaos came to a stop. He was going to use his power for good, and slowly the DNA started to unravel, showing the boring simple structure of the double helix, he was learning… finally. But something caught his attention at the corner of his eye. A lone beam of light, infiltrating the blinds that the teacher purposely placed to stop it, shined lazily into the classroom, grabbing with its long yellow arms, pulling Zarchary’s gaze away from the teacher. Looking more closely, he noticed something oozing down the window, coating the surface with thick purple goo. He was worried now, as he felt he had seen this image before, and it remind him of scariness. The world around him ceased to exist as he was sucked into the purple portal.

He awoke in what appeared to be the same classroom he had just left; yet it was deserted, empty. Heart pounding with excitement, Zarchary stood up and looked at the clock. 6:30 PM.

“Let the fun begin,” he murmured as he grabbed his backpack and exited the classroom. The hallway was extremely dark, as the sky outside was covered in a blanket of gray. Opening the door that led outside, he was greeted with another hallway.

“Hahaha, this so awesome,” he said, and took a step back. “AHHHHH!!!” he screamed, was he fell into a dark hole that appeared behind him. The next thing he knew, he was lying in a muddy puddle. Standing up, he bumped into something, and when he saw it, it sent shivers down his neck. This wasn’t normal, since nothing imaginary ever bothered Zarchary.

“Wh-h-wh-oo are you?” Zarchary whimpered.

“Your sub consciousness… and you need to stop dreaming,” it replied.

Immediately all around him, Zarchary’s deepest fears came to life. Spiders, zombies, and skeletons crawled slowly from the grounds, slowly closing in on him.

“Dreaming is the best thing that came to me,” Zarchary yelled as he ran backwards, away from all his fears. Only to bump into his greatest fear of all: heights. He wasn’t worried, for he was the master of this dream, and he closed his eyes for another dream. The air around him suddenly became warm again, and he could feel the summer sun beat down on his neck. Next to him, he heard the ocean waves beat down on the sand… below him. Opening his eyes, he was suspended in the air, and the creature, still next to him, was staring at him. He had felt exhilarated until then.

“Trying to escape punishment, useless!” it whispered again, before it let Zarchary drop toward the waves where hundreds of hungry sharks waited down below. Hitting the water, he could feel the pain has his body crashed against the freezing cold water, and a sharp pain as a shark took a bite out of his arm. Closing his eyes once more he wished for a new dream.

The cool winter wind blew against his reincarnated body, as the sound of hundreds of people shuffling their feet against the pavement, singing Christmas carols. It was his favorite dream place, where everyone loved and cared for him. Opening his eyes, expecting to be greeted by warm loving parents, but all he got in return was a cold glare of the creature.

“I’ll give you Christmas,” it murmured and Zarchary immediate felt the pain in his body as if he had been tortured, and his body floated upward, as if it was suspended on a wooden cross, unable to move. Zarchary was sick of it and closed his eyes for the last time, wishing to wake up.

“…Deoxyribose Nucluic acid, and it is always in a double helix shape”

“What?!?” thought Zarchary as he stared up at the clock. There was still 20 more minutes of school. Not a second had passed since he had started to daydream.

Deep inside his brain, he could just feel his subconscious laughing, whispering, “You thought you wouldn’t have to sit through the whole 20 minutes? Too bad.”

One thought on “The Daydream

  1. Hello Kevin! I enjoyed Zachary’s adventure in dreamland :-) I especially like your descriptions: the classroom that was “deserted, empty”…the warmth of the air and the heat of that summer sun…the body that “floated upward, as if it was suspended on a wooden cross.”

    So glad to see you blogging!

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