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30 in 30 about MIT (0/30 @ MIT)

Spring break has passed. After finally getting some time for myself I realized I should start writing more. So I’m going to write 30 articles in the 30 days of April about something I know pretty well… MIT. There are many things that I want to rant or remember about this place that it would be best to write down.
Furthermore, Campus Preview Weekend for the new class of 2023 students is in 2 weeks. And by the end of the month, high school seniors will have decided how to spend the next few years of their life. For most students, they will have already gotten into many schools. It will be time to make the tough decision on what school to choose (I had an easy decision to make). Hopefully, these blurbs will give you to some glances into the daily life of one student here.
For me, this will give me two opportunities. I want to record down in memory the things I love and know about MIT for myself and others in the future. And finally, I want to give a better picture of what it’s like to be a student here.
I hope (that you, the reader) will appreciate the time my current self put into writing these short blurbs. I also hope that I actually release them daily… but that is a lot to ask for.
Here are the rules I set for myself:
  • Minimum of 250 words
  • No repeated/already rough-drafted articles
  • Must post between 9 AM – 9 PM on each day (scheduling not allowed).
  • No pictures in the posts
Let’s see how I do lol.

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