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Restaurant recommendations near MIT (16 of 30)

Wow, are you looking for good food at MIT? Unfortunately, there aren’t many good restaurants nearby. But that’s fine; Boston has a lot to offer. Here were some of my favorite restaurants for each occasion. I sorted each subcategory by relative expensiveness. Obviously this isn’t all inclusive — I’ve had to remove restaurants that have closed for good (rip The Friendly Toast).

All-day recommendations

  • Anna’s Taqueria – Burritos for days. It’s also conveniently on campus. I personally like the super Burrito. Sour cream is free!
  • Flour Bakery – Who doesn’t like sweets? I enjoy their breakfast sandwich and their lattes. It’s a great place to meet up with someone new. Also, it has delicious cakes for birthdays.
  • Tatte – It’s another bakery with amazing pastries and sandwiches. I like this one more.

Lunch on weekdays (near campus)

  • Chinese food truck near area 4 – Only accepts cash but has some great cheap lunch options.
  • Chipotle – It’s chipotle. It gotta be good for you and your wallet.
  • Brookline Lunch – All their breakfast plates are amazing.
  • Pepper Sky’s – It’s a Thai place. I usually get Chicken Pad Thai for lunch cause it’s cheaper.

Dinners near campus

  • Five Spice – A lunch/dinner restaurant with an authentic Chinese menu. I recommend the dry-pot. Honestly, this is my favorite restaurant in Cambridge.
  • Viale – Oester special pretty fire
  • Sumiao Hunan Kitchen – Pricy tho, but has great dishes.

Brunch on weekends

  • Hei La Moon – Dim Sum is one of my favorite large group activities. I recommend pairing this excursion with boba from Tea-Do or Gong Cha in Chinatown and a walk back along the esplanade.
  • Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafe – Get #4
  • The Maharaja – Ah Harvard square: where all the good food is.
  • Felipe’s Taqueria – Another one in Harvard Square!
  • Eataly Boston – It’s goood.
  • Little Donkey – Small plates but excellent fusion restaurant. Great when you don’t have to pay for it.

Dinners outside of campus

  • Pho Basil – Classic pho
  • Yamatos II – All-you-can-eat sushi. You can never go wrong there except when you order too many vegetarian rolls…
  • Barcelona Wine Bar – Also a tapas restaurant, this is one of my favorites (although on the more pricey range).
  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Harvard Square – It’s pretty good ramen
  • Kaze Shabu Shabu – Their hotpot is legendary. I go there every year and am never disappointed.
  • Legal Seafoods – Get your parents to take you there.

Night cravings

  • Late night dining in Maseeh is surprisingly good. They always have tons of fried food. You’ll probably have extra swipes anyway
  • McDonalds – Duh
  • Beantown Taqueria – Personally not my favorite, but it is open at night
  • Dumpling Palace – Closes real late. say no more

Dine out Boston

This event occurs twice a year and makes expensive restaurants somewhat affordable.
I would recommend going to Capital Grill or Fogo de Chão during that time!

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