A sunsetting thought at the airport.

“I love watching the sunset!”

On my plane back to NYC, I was fortunate that my flight was right before the sunset. While waiting at the airport gate, I saw the sun slowly set, casting a beautiful glow on the horizon. The red hue tinted the entire gate, casting a warm fuzzy shadow that made me stare in awe at how beautiful it was.

And then I thought, one small pro in working on the tarmac and in the airport is that you could have a great view of the sunset/sunrise every day. The windows are tall and large and let in a ton of natural light. The airport is usually flat and away from tall buildings that obstruct the light. You can get sunlight pretty much all day. :) However, everything else doesn’t seem that fun with the noise and the fact they appear to be standing/working all day and all the customers that complain.

It’s interesting how the sunset and the sun are a few things I miss the most about work. I usually do not go outside during the workday, and I only leave work after the sun has already set. One day, my friend and I walked onto our work balcony and enjoyed the sunset briefly. It is one of the things I never realized I appreciated nor enjoyed until now.

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