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Microwave Numbers

When I microwave stuff, I’m usually not sure how long I should microwave it for. There’s really no “perfect” solution, but rather estimations based off of water content, size and weight — Well kind of just guess.

Sometimes when I’m thinking about the number, I usually become conflicted between two numbers (ie. 30 and 40 seconds), and when I do, something strange happens: I put in “8” seconds as my ones digit (ie. 38) and start the microwave.
I feel like it is due in some part because of superstition and another part where I don’t want the meal to be too hot or too cold. Yet I’ve consistently chosen “8” for my midpoint for the ones digit.


I feel like most people have this as well, where they don’t always want to microwave for exactly __0 seconds (in multiples of 10 seconds). Or maybe it is just me. I can’t really tell.

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