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Signatures are truly a work of art. As they mature through age, they become more flowing, graceful, and elegant. I remember the days during my childhood, when, after meticulously writing my name in cursive, I would broadly proclaim: “Look at this beautiful signature.” It was a long journey as my signature transformed to the one I now write with. It is much less legible, more rigid, and tinier, and I know it will still change.
Right now, I sign my name 3 ways. Cursive, Abbreviated, and Line. I’ll start with the last one. For most places where signatures aren’t required, I love writing my signature as a single line. It drives people crazy because they think that I didn’t actually sign, but the truth is, a line is all that is necessary. Abbreviated is going to be my signature when I’m rich and famous (we’ll see about that). It’s just my first letter of my first name and last name. It looks professional and keeps the signature simple yet also representative of the person. The last way I sign my name is the regular 5th grade cursive signature. Easy to read, but childish when looking at it.

I like now these days signatures are photocopied. Although one of those types of signatures does make the letter feel slightly more personal given the non rigid structure of the signature, but you feel like you’re receiving a mass email. People should make a program that slightly alters the signature on the page, which gives each letter a unique feel. If it can be actually printed with a pen (robots?) it would add another level of personal connection.

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