A welcome back from a empty campus

Well, maybe it’s that time of year again. I think it’s time to set aside my gaming addiction and attempt to begin my writing hobby (career?) once again. It’s not like I haven’t tried this before. However, this time will be different (well I told myself the exact thing last time too).

Outside, the weather is unfortunately dim and hazy. it’s probably because of daylight savings time or maybe that it has been raining on and off for the past two days. It actually snowed on Friday, which unfortunately came a bit too soon. I already had a wavering motivation to take walks with people and now I feel like it might be the beginning of the end.

I have just three more weeks before my last official day living in on campus housing. It feels surprisingly quiet and quaint (just like campus) knowing that everyday is a countdown to my last. I’m honestly going to miss the red bricks that surround my room. I probably will have more to say about this in the coming days. But it is good to be back in Boston. Even though I realized at the beginning of the semester that a lot of my friends simply aren’t in my year (and hence not in Boston), I’ve come to enjoy the presence and company of those I’m still lucky enough to see. Although there are less random conversations and less friendly hellos as no one walks outside to class anymore, there is something cool about texting someone who you haven’t talked to in over a year and asking if they wanted to get a socially distant meal or take a socially distant walk. Maybe it is just me trying to seek closure or my general interest in how people have changed. But alas, in just a couple of months we’ll all be going our separate ways — and maybe never see any of these people again.

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