Year: 2022


What to do in Austin, Texas?

I love going back home to Austin. It’s a fantastic city with many things to do. Although I spend most of my time with family, I occasionally have the opportunity to go to my favorite nostalgic places. If you told me you were visiting Austin right now, here are my

Random Quips

Stuck on the NYC subway

Have you ever been stuck on a subway? I guess it feels exactly like being stuck in traffic. I feel both a sense of helplessness and of urgency and annoyance. Like why didn’t I have the foresight to take the train 7 minutes earlier? I had planned my trip uptown


High school hackathons are overrated*

As someone who organized HackMIT for multiple years, I wanted to talk about our high school hackathon Blueprint and the weird spot hackathons are for high school students. On the one hand, hackathons provide amazing opportunities for high school students to learn computer science early. However, some students take it

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